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A Fantastical Journey

Life’s tough – we all know it. There’s that spark inside every one of us, waiting to escape and unleash creative brilliance, full of potential to grow.

I’ve been creating professional level builds since mid 2020, working with multiple grand teams and developing solo projects to keep the magic alive. Inspiring others to let loose their imagination in art. Wandering through the fantasy scenes I’ve brought to life, as ideas cross the mind.

Minecraft Elven Kingdom - 9

Scene Builder

There is no scene beyond our visions. Be it steampunk, elven, sci-fi, cyberpunk, fantasy, medieval, modern, solarpunk – the world is vast, and our minds collect it. I’ve built with an enormous assortment of themes, tacking on specific limitations like nothing but dirt, apocalyptic desolation, and wreckage, making scenes that have wowed thousands.

A mix of the grand cities, the majestic sailing fleets, and the miniature castles and decorative elements, complete and piecemeal, varied and growing. Scenes are my roots, and the tree still blossoms – I will always build more.

Level Designer

As an avid gamer, adoring the likes of Wynncraft and Skyrim, forever fond of first person RPGs, parkours, and adventures, it’s no surprise I practice level design.

Having created my first adventure maps back in the days of Hypixel’s origins, nowadays I’ve grown to ensure every build has a purpose: Interiors, walkable paths, player-scale detailing, mob spawns, quests – from start to beginning -, and more. Now captured in my modding directory of randomly generated structures. Adding varied level design quality experiences directly into the game.

Modder & Modeler

With a fantastic game like Minecraft, full of beautiful block palette potential and extensive commands, the amount you can do is already ample.

I take that a step further. Creating textures and 3D models to help give life to a unique scene. Developing mods to raise the bar on your average tale of survival. Creating purpose to your travels. Places to find, to trade with, to defeat, and admire. Milestones that make your world come to life.

Two skills in harmony, polishing up that fantasy world feel we all desire.

Uknownymous - A Roguelike Minecraft Cover

Procedural Dungeons

A challenge is always welcome.

Would it hurt if it were prettier? Given more lore and purpose behind it? Some origins to why it’s there? A tale to how the castle was buried deep down, to who built that mysterious sewer system, to what creatures invaded to create the underground fortresses, dungeons, mineshafts and strongholds?

More threats to encounter? Riskier loots, dangerous enemies, unique rooms at every turn? Utilising your potential to mine and build to explore a truly abandoned dungeon, forgotten to time?

I desired this experience – and I create it. Each dungeon randomly generated, calculated to over millions of unique possibilities.

Are you brave enough?

Generated Cities

The world feels empty.

There are shipwrecks, villages, outposts, woodland mansions, igloos, witch huts, ruined portals- Dungeons, mineshafts, strongholds- Yet it doesn’t fill that itch. Each village is samey. Small. You’ve seen ten, you know the gist. They’re everywhere, and they feel devoid of purpose.

Missing the glory days of Millenaire’s fantastic efforts to fill that void, I set to work identifying a way to create randomised megacities in the base game. Cities of dozens to hundreds of buildings, ranging from mountain-bound dwarven strongholds to floating angelic sky cities and massive steampunk towers. Focusing on visual grandeur and new species to trade with. Pursuing the goal of bringing the fantasy feel to life. This is an adventure.

This is your adventure.

Master Builder Steampunk Cityscape
Minecraft Elven Kingdom - 10

Commission Builder

Minecraft is full of possibilities.

Skyblock, minigames, mining ranks, creative plots, fantasy RPGs, towny, factions – the list goes on.

I have years of commission experience, especially for building spawns and specialised builds, such as prison mines and cityscapes. Often, if your build idea seems out of reach with the usual methods, such as an underwater city full of interiors, I can find a solution and make it happen.

I’ve built many large-scale builds with diverse structures and interiors in efficient timing, mixing my mod-making skillset with building quality to provide vanilla friendly results that expand the boundaries of what level of detail is possible on short notice.

Looking for a complex city, full of unique houses, lived in, cosy, teeming with life? This may be the right place.

Or perhaps it’s another spawn, or dungeon – players have to start somewhere!

Minecraft Dirt Mansion - 1

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